Creative Productions

Client: Kownacki Media

BK Meets BK
Kownacki Media Summer Staff Media

Client: Ashley Taylor

Won't Let Go
Modern Dance Performance

Client: Kownacki Media

Life In Quarantine
Living With Myself Comedy Video

Client: West Wing

West Wing Cast Reunites
To Support Veterans

Client: Artists & Athletes Alliance

Artists & Athletes Say
Thank You To Frontline Workers

Client: Disney

The Jungle Book
Arrives At The White House

Client: SoulCycle

A Soulful Reunion
For A Returning Veteran

Client: George W. Bush Institute

Vets and Military Unite
on Data To Prevent Suicide

Client: Washington Humane Society

The Human-Animal Bond
In Our Community

Client: Capitol File Magazine

"District Design"
Roundtable Fashion Discussion

Client: APLU

APLU Annual Meeting
Promo Video

Client: Hollywood On The Potomac

The First Lady Headlines
White House Talent Show

Client: Invictus Games

Mike Myers Counts Down
To The Invictus Games

Client: Fresh FM

Flying High In The Sky
For The Andrews Air Show

Client: Partnership For A Healthier America

Joining Together To
Build Healthier Camp